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Program Development

The Compass CBS Foundation can help you successfully plan, develop, implement and evaluate your programs. Program planning and development are fundamental processes used to strategically set goals, maximize resources, and ultimately, make organizations more sustainable. Launching new initiatives and programs in an organized and realistic manner is a key building block to future success and […]
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Program Management

We function as a valuable and resourceful managing partner for your program. We help you manage your educational program with the greatest of efficiency. Effective project and program management start with scope and expectations clearly defined. Guided by a clear understanding of your objectives, Compass CBS Foundation manages all details of your project or program, […]
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Capacity Building for Small Business Consultants

Small Business Consultant Certification Program The Compass CBS Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization based in Arizona that focuses on developing resources to help strengthen a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem nationally. The Small Business Consultant Certification Program is a capacity-building program designed to train small business consultants/coaches, economic development professionals and technical assistance providers […]
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Bilingual Entrepreneur Event Facilitation

Virtual and In-Person Meeting Facilitation The Compass CBS Foundation is dedicated to setting the standard of excellence for bilingual professional facilitators. Our experienced facilitators have successful, proven processes and tools for running collaborative entrepreneurial sessions geared to any kind of meeting, whether in-person or virtual. We get results, and our clients consistently tell us the […]
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Latino Economic Development Advocacy

We help bring a voice to the table for those who have historically been excluded from the table. Advocacy is a key component of the Compass CBS Foundation’s comprehensive approach to community-based economic development. The Compass CBS Foundation’s advocacy work promotes the adoption of programs and policies at the federal, state, and local levels to […]
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Community Survey & Data Analysis

Surveys are a very useful tool for understanding your stakeholders. Among other things, they can tell you what influences consumer decisions, what customers are willing to participate in, the levels of maturity within a particular area. Often, surveys are commissioned and only the surface of the data is examined, and the true value remains stuck […]
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Encuesta comunitaria y análisis de datos

Las encuestas son una herramienta muy útil para entender a sus grupos de interés. Entre otras cosas, pueden indicarle lo que influye en las decisiones de los consumidores, en que están dispuestos a participar los clientes, los niveles de madurez dentro de un área particular. A menudo, se encargan encuentras y sólo se examinan los […]
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Promoción del desarrollo económico latino

Ayudamos a hacer oír la voz de aquellos que históricamente han sido excluidos. La promoción es un componente clave del enfoque integral de la Fundación Compass CBS para el desarrollo económico basado en la comunidad.   La labor de promoción de la Fundación Compass CBS fomenta la adopción de programas y políticas a nivel federal, […]
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Organización de eventos empresariales bilingües

Organización de reuniones virtuales y presenciales La Fundación Compass CBS se dedica a definir el nivel de excelencia de los organizadores profesionales bilingües. Nuestros organizadores experimentados cuentan con procesos y herramientas exitosas de eficacia comprobada para llevar a cabo sesiones de colaboración empresarial orientadas a cualquier tipo de reunión, ya sea presencial o virtual. Obtenemos […]
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