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We help bring a voice to the table for those who have historically been excluded from the table.

Advocacy is a key component of the Compass CBS Foundation’s comprehensive approach to community-based economic development.

The Compass CBS Foundation’s advocacy work promotes the adoption of programs and policies at the federal, state, and local levels to achieve economic inclusion and increase the political participation of Latinos and other Arizona residents who want to build or protect their assets in their communities. In addition, The Compass CBS Foundation strengthens the participation of Latino-owned small business in the political process through community organizing, awareness through media, and leadership training activities.

 This work is done together with partners at the local level as well as local, state and national Hispanic-serving organizations of which the Compass CBS Foundation is an affiliate.

  •  Develop more technical assistance resources for Spanish-preferred business owners
  • Create more access to capital and funding resources for Spanish-preferred startups
  • Design pathways for intergenerational wealth-building for Latino communities
  • Assist supplier diversity initiatives that open opportunities for Latino-owned businesses
  • Encourage more civic engagement and political participation within the Latino community

 We work with partners who understand the need for our Latino community to be active in the political process and wish to advance equitable economic recovery initiatives in Arizona.

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