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The Compass CBS Foundation can help you successfully plan, develop, implement and evaluate your programs.

Program planning and development are fundamental processes used to strategically set goals, maximize resources, and ultimately, make organizations more sustainable. Launching new initiatives and programs in an organized and realistic manner is a key building block to future success and outcomes. Furthermore, an evaluation plan is a dynamic tool that is an important roadmap defining the what, how and why of your program work. The Compass CBS Foundation can assist you in any or all of the following steps of program development and evaluation:


  • Identify audience
  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Conduct an environmental scan
  • Assess political will
  • Survey stakeholders and target audience

Planning & Design:

  • Develop mission and vision statements
  • Identify management structure
  • Plot a timeline from investigation through completion
  • Establish goals and objectives
  • SWOT analysis
  • Develop evaluation plan


  • Track progress toward intended results and outcomes with periodic assessment
  • Review quantitative progress data

Evaluation & Accountability:

  • Conduct various levels of evaluation:
  • Impact evaluation
  • Final evaluation reporting
  • Develop presentations to highlight successes
  • Communicate evaluation outcomes to stakeholders
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